Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Image CC Ryan McD from Flickr

This last year brought a lot of progress for the green movement. Green has entered mainstream American thought. It's been at least fifteen years since people have thought about their impact on the planet and the environment so much. Americans elected a new president who actually plans to address environmental issues and stop the systematic dismantling of policies which have protected both humans and habitat for many years.

While the economy is generally in a tailspin, green sections of the economy are still expanding. Gas prices went above four dollars a gallon and for a short time more people bought cars than SUVs. The big three automakers are still unwilling to change their methods enough to really make a difference in how cars are made, marketed, and sold. Toyota also had its first operating loss in 70 years, but they are still making sound investments and actually turned a profit when everything in their business is calculated.

For New Year's Eve Katie and I went to a party at a farm that is now being rented by a number of twenty-somethings who are working the land there. They have a cow which they share, some sheep and planted garlic this fall. We hardly knew anyone there, but they all live around here many making some living off the land.

This year will hopefully bring real progress in both the world and people's minds. We are at the point where humans can probably continue to exist as a significant species, but If we really want to stick around without losing everything we know and love in the process now is the time to act.

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