Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quick Bites: Saturday 3/29/08

Here are a few things from around the web:

Today Google has taken the market from Blackle while debunking it at the same time. The search page is black today in notice of Earth Hour tonight from 8PM to 9PM. We are supposed to all turn off our lights during this period to bring awareness to climate change.

Design Sponge DIY Wednesdays features a fun way to reuse security envelopes.

Popular Mechanics has an article on the Best of Green Design. It showcases a couple of new things I haven't seen including a Biodiesel processor, and fiberous cement countertops made from crosscut shredded paper, fly ash, and concrete made by Squak Mountain Stone.

In the book The World Without Us there is a scary section about what will become of our funery remains after they are interred in the ground. But Tree Hugger now has a guide for your green funeral.

Malika said she is going to start volunteering for Urban Farming. On their site they mention that during WWII 40% of the nation's produce came from victory gardens. Anything that helps create urban green spaces and increases local food production is a good thing. Great job Malika.


Malika said...

I was a little confused when google went black for the earth hour day. The homepage said that it was black as a gesture only and that display color does not reduce the amount of energy your computer uses. If this is true, what is Blackle for?? Anyone have an explanation for this..

Junio said...

Old style CRT monitors spend extra energy to draw light on a dark screen. Most LCD monitors are lit by a florescent light in behind the screen. The LCD uses an electrical charge to control how the light travels through the display. But in the LCD in a computer monitor, when there is no voltage applied the pixels let light through. When there is voltage applied the pixel is black.