Friday, February 8, 2008

They're Coming!

It's official, we're getting a rebate from the government.

Or are we? The New York Times and MSN both have their takes on why this money is not free, and why it probably won't help out in the ways that lawmakers claim that it should.

But what's done is done. Now we have to decide whether or not to spend it. But if we do spend it, what's the wisest way? Besides getting rid of debt? Saving the world of course. Between now and May when the checks are actually sent, I'm going to help point out the ways that your share of the $168,ooo,ooo,ooo can be spent to make a difference in emerging fields of green technology to environmental stewardship, to... well we'll just see what else you and I can come up with from here.

That's a lot of zeros up there, and there's no way President Bush will do anything to slow climate change in his administration without us doing it for him. People will thank us later.


Katie said...

Using our rebates for the good of the environment is an excellent idea. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to use cash that they may not have had otherwise and use it as a gift. There are many things from compact florescent light bulbs to weather stripping under your front door to solar panels out back that can be bought. There is also the possibility of taking some time off from work to do something for the environment and the community that would be worthwhile as well. I look forward to seeing more on this blog.

Junio said...

All of these are wonderful ideas. I will try to look into each of them before we get our rebates in the mail.

Malika said...

I can't wait to see all of the great ideas you can share with us. I am going to try and implement some of these ideas now before my 600 big ones come in the mail. I also think you should consider keeping this blog alive long after we've received our cash.